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Wherever we want to register, they require our email address. As a result of providing our main email address, eventually we start getting spam. But we don't know where that spam originates from. Many people create separate email addresses for cases they think they may start getting spam from. But spam often originates from places that we would never think that it would be the source, which provide/ sell our personal data to third parties.

The ultimate solution is to register on unimail.me website with your main email address, and thereafter be able to create unique email addresses for anything where you need to provide an email?


When you register your main email adress at unimail.me, our system creates an account for you, e.g: john@unimail.me


Let's say you want to register at Facebook, but you don't want to provide your real email address.

You create a unique unimail: e.g. john@facebook.unimail.me, which is created specifically for Facebook. And if after a while for some reason you don't want to get emails from Facebook any more, you just turn that email account off (you can also turn it on anytime later).

In those cases where you don't want your name to be visible, you our system allows you to create anonymous unimails. e.g. d9082eaa70e9db9@facebook.unimail.me 


All emails sent to your unimails are forwarded to your main email address, but as a result you never give anyone your main email address!

Thus you get No More Spam!


With unimail.me you can easily discover who has provided/ sold your personal data to third parties, and treat them the way you want. The source of spam can't hide from unimail.me users.

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