Services and Fees

With it's basic version, allows its users to create and distribute as many unique e-mail addresses as you need (one for each domain or website) all for FREE.
You can use the Basic version of mailing services for free as long as you like. 
Consider getting Premium for only $9.95 USD/ year. (If you want to take full usage from, and
Consider getting Premium Web Space* for only $4.95 USD/ Gb/ year (If you need web space to keep your correspondence in the cloud).
The Premium will give you such advantages as:
1) Create custom email address based on your unimail id (this is helpful if you want to provide your address to a person or company, who don't have a website);
2) Use the Webmail interface to write an email (this is useful if you don't want to expose your main email address when you're the first to email someone).
The Premium Webspace* version will give you such advantages as:
1) Keep your complete e-mail correspondence online through a web based e-mail interface within your dedicated 1 Gb email space;
So take your spam-free communication to the next level, by using our premium features.
* -  Upcoming feature
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