When should I use Unimail?
Anywhere you are asked for your email address — Unimail is great for signing up to newsletters, job searches, online dating, online classifieds, coupon sites and more.
Do I have to go to Unimail.me to read my emails?
No. All emails are delivered directly to your personal email account (gmail, yahoo, hotmail, outlook, etc.).
How do I remember which Unimail I used on a website?
To retrieve a Unimail you made previously, all you need to do is go to the website and click on the Unimail button. Our service remembers the email you created.
What does it mean that a Unimail is ON or OFF?
Unimail allows you to switch individual Unimail addresses ON and OFF. When a Unimail address is turned OFF all messages sent to that Unimail address are deleted. When a Unimail address is turned ON all messages are delivered to your personal email account.
Can you retrieve emails sent to a Unimail that's set to OFF?
Currently we do not store messages sent to Unimails that are turned OFF. Such a feature though may be available in the future.
Can I delete Unimails?

Yes, you can! Just turn off the Unimail you want to delete and "Delete" option will appear for you, right below the turn off button.

How do I reply to a Unimail? Will this expose my personal email address?
You can reply to Unimails without exposing your personal address. All you need to do is hit reply from within your webmail account or your email client, we take care of the rest, your reply will come from your Unimail address.
Can I use Unimail on sites I'm already registered with?
Yes, you just log into these services and change your email address to a Unimail address. As long as the particular site allows you to change your email address.
Do I have to change my email to use Unimail?
No, we deliver all emails directly to your personal email account.
Which email address should I register with?
It's up to you. Besudes you can change your delivery email address any time later. Either way your email is 100% safe because you can turn OFF any Unimail address you create at any time.
How should I choose my username?
Anything you'd like. But bear in mind: your username is visible in the normal email addresses Unimail generates for you. Although you can generate anonymous email addresses where your name won't be seen.
I have forgotten which Unimail I used on a website, how do I know which one to use?
If you need to remember which Unimail address you used on a specific website, just visit the website and click the Unimail button. That will retrieve the appropriate Unimail address. Alternatively login to your Unimail account and type the website name in the search field.
Who Can Use unimail.me ?

Anyone can use it. But for now registration at unimail.me is very limited. Only the first 1000 registrations will be accepted. And only 500 Premium registrations will be accepted.

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